Now we kids are saving the world.

... and the Dolce Vita Hotels support the children and Plant-for-the-Planet by planting trees!

Every day, consciously or unconsciously, everyone leaves their own personal carbon footprint. Together with children and the Billion Tree Campaign, we plant trees to bind CO2 emissions. One of the most effective and easiest methods for a better future. Help us.

With the help of our guests, friends and staff, we have set ourselves a goal:

in three years (2020, 2021, 2022) we will plant 5,000 trees and contribute to environmental protection by reforesting the forests! 

Consciously, as well as unconsciously, we leave our personal CO2 footprint every day. Electricity, heating, consumer behaviour, eating habits or transport contribute to this.

Especially when travelling, CO2 emissions are generated. Dolce Vita Hotels are aware of the effects of travel and have therefore decided to cooperate with Plant-for-the-Planet. We help the organisation plant trees and also support the training of new ambassadors for climate justice by other children.

Keep your own ecological footprint as small as possible and counteract this by planting trees.

For only 1 €, 1 tree gets the chance to bind CO2 emissions.

It has been proven that there are 3,000 billion trees worldwide. Another 1,000 billion trees find their place on earth without competing with agriculture or settlements. These trees can bind a quarter of the annual man-made CO2 emissions. A very simple thought. We would like to do our small part to save our climate future! You too?

The Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative was launched in January 2007. At the end of his school presentation about the current climate crisis, nine-year-old Felix Finkbeiner announced his vision to his classmates: “Let’s plant one million trees in every country on earth”. The current goal of the children and youth initiative is to plant a trillion trees worldwide.

Trees are the cheapest and most effective means of binding CO2, allowing us more time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and mitigate the climate crisis.

A further goal is to empower a million children worldwide to take actions against the climate crisis and to encourage other children to take on social responsibility for shaping their better future. This is achieved through one-day workshops (Academies) in which children learn many important details about the climate crisis and global justice. In a peer-to-peer structure, the participants learn – from children who are already involved in the project – what children can do to develop their own projects and how to give speeches and organize planting parties.

So far, with the help of many adults, Plant-for-the-Planet youths have already planted more than 13,6 billion trees in 193 countries. These children teach and empower others to become Climate Justice Ambassadors. More than 88,000 children from 74 countries are already participating.

On the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, Plant-for-the-Planet plants a new tree every 15 seconds. This project demonstrates just how easy it is to make planting trees so effective on a large scale. The initiative uses its own products (i.e. Plant-for-the-Planet App for iOS and Android ) and campaigns (such as "Stop talking. Start planting.”) in order to independently plant trees and motivate others to get involved in planting.