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Climbing at the via ferrata Hoachwool & in the Juval climbing garden in South Tyrol.

While climbing, you get really close to the mountain. In doing so, you defy not only the laws of gravity but also yourself. The via ferrata Hoachwool right in Naturno counts among the most impressive via ferratas in South Tyrol and attracts beginners as well as professional climbers to the wall due to its varied topology and scenic views. Little climbers, too, will find their fair share of opportunities to aim high in the surroundings: the Training and family via ferrata Knott was especially set up for this purpose right above Naturno.

What you need for climbing Concentration, a little bit of courage and some strength in the arms – and, of course, the right equipment. This includes a climbing helmet, a climbing harness and a via ferrata set. It is further recommended to wear suitable footwear, via ferrata gloves, and to bring with you enough drinks and snacks for your rendezvous with gravity. You can get more information on the information sheet and, of course, at our reception.

Vertical is
the new steep.

The via ferrata Hoachwool, which was only opened in 2015, counts among the most interesting via ferratas. There are many reasons for this: on the one hand, the via ferrata is highly interesting as regards climbing technique, and on the other hand there is also a historical element to it as the route partly follows the tracks of the historical – now abandoned – water irrigation channel of the Val Senales valley. Impressive crossings and the view of the old water channels, the so-called “Kandln”, as well as the excellent topography provide for a special experience when climbing in Naturno in South Tyrol. The via ferrata is in addition very well protected and has a steel cable that is pleasant to hold, footplates, rock anchors and two ladders.

Nevertheless, stamina and climbing technique are necessary to master the route – often, you have to search for natural steps and grips in the rock, which is why this route is not recommended for beginners. Beginners are best advised to learn climbing in the Knott climbing garden above Naturno or at Juval Castle.

The Juval climbing garden is right next to Juval Castle and not far from your DolceVita Hotel Feldhof in Naturno. This climbing garden has developed into a veritable hotspot for climbers in the Venosta Valley region, and is also suitable for beginners. Here, you can climb on cracks, plates and at the entrance of the ravine, what makes this climbing garden unique. There is a total of 120 routes with grades ranging in difficulty from 3 to 8a that span over nine sectors. Bouldering is also possible. The rock is mainly made of gneiss. The climbing garden is only a ten-minute walk away from the parking area.

At the training and family via ferrata “Knott” – meaning, more or less, rock – in Unterstell, right above Naturno, simple routes provide a great opportunity to get a taste of this extraordinary sport. Not only for children. Adult beginners will also get their fair share of fun. The via ferrata is ideal in particular for families with children who would like to explore the wall together. For more experienced climbers, there are also more difficult parts, exposed routes and technically demanding sections. You will furthermore find an a suspended rope bridge and two steep ladders.

The via ferrata is situated at the foothills of the Ötztal Alps and offer you an impressive view of the Venosta Valley. There is a total of four climbing routes: Sally, Turtle, Affele and Rocky. Find more information in the folder.

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