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Foster what is most precious.
Health and fitness,
are part of
holiday joy.

Sporting activities accompany you not only in everyday life, but also in your holidays. Nature is the playground for almost endless possibilities to let off steam and take your body to the limit. But not always the weather cooperates with what we would like to do. But still nothing stands in the way of an active holiday programme. Equipped with state-of-the-art exercise machines and flooded with light the fitness room at the Feldhof provides the perfect prerequisites for sudatory activities. The joy and happiness generated by an activating workout reward the effort and without a bad conscious you can indulge even more afterwards. A spa treatment or relaxation in the wellness area restore the easiness, that makes your holiday time something really special.

You do not have to follow every fitness trend, but a healthy body provides for a holistic feeling of well-being, that grants strength for everyday life. Choose your personal highlight from our broad variety of activities included in our programme or simply invigorate your muscles individually according to your personal trainings programme. We support your sportive comeback or help you design your personal professional training.  


In shape at the
sports hotel Feldhof

Flooded with light and really spacious, to make your body work. Equipped with state of the art machines, to enable workouts for all muscle groups – that is the fitness room at hotel Feldhof. No matter if you run on the treadmill, enjoying the view of the outside or train your whole body on the cross-trainer – workout is possible every day from 07.00 am to 08.00 pm. You work out according to your personal plan to build up muscles? We are equipped with all kinds of machines for weight training. Feel the energy that floods through your body and push to the limit. With this variety of possibilities there is never a dull moment.

Your health is our concern. Hence the Feldhof offers a broad variety of activities for all sports-enthusiasts. The energy reserves are reloaded in the nature of South Tyrol with the sun shining in the heart of a magical landscape. Our spacious exercise room is the perfect place for all demands. Choose your favourite workout: Pilates, Stretch & Relax, Breathing techniques, Legs-Bums and Tums, Cardio Workout, Meditation, Back Training, Dance Fitness, Flexi-Bar, Training with the gymnastics ball, Bodyweight-Tabata-Training, Jumping Fitness, TRX Suspension Training, Strengthening with the Theraband, Aqua Fitness, Core-Training, Sixpack, Total Body, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Training the Spinal Column, Focus Posture and even more classes.

You rather work out on your own or you want to have a training programme that is especially adjusted according to the needs of your body? At the sports hotel Feldhof you are coached by experts. We offer personal fitness training, where you are coached and counselled individually. You receive tips for weight reduction. But also increasing your fitness level and your sense of well-being are part of the package. In the one-on-one lessons you also receive your personal training plan, according to your current fitness level and your wishes. Book your personal training for € 59,00 (50 minutes) now.

Customized offers
for your stay in South Tyrol

Find your
holiday package
Family weeks
06.04.19 – 13.04.19 | 22.06.19 – 06.07.19
31.08.19 – 28.09.19
Gather wonderful impressions for the family photo album and treat your sweetheart and yourself to some well-earned time off. In the specified periods children up to 12 ...
7 nights from € 980,-
Child discount weeks
21.03.19 – 06.04.19 | 04.05.19 – 25.05.19
02.11.19 – 24.11.19
Spending quality time with the whole family at the best price. In the specified periods children up to 1 year stay FREE, children from 1 - 8 years pay 25,- Euro per day ...
5 nights from € 650,-
Relax days
07.04.19 – 11.04.19 | 05.05.19 – 30.05.19
23.06.19 – 21.07.19 | 20.10.19 – 24.10.19
While the world is turning, you take a break for a moment and enjoy moments of silence and, what some consider to be the most valuable cultural heritage of Italy, of ...
4 nights from € 520,-
Pamper days
03.11.19 – 21.11.19
Our pamper days are real days of joy – and the ideal opportunity to simply forget all about your daily life for a little while. Enjoy and take care of only yourself for a ...
4 nights from € 492,-
Delicious autumn (7=6)
02.11.19 – 23.11.19
When autumn colours its canvas, the Merano region turns into a wildly romantic paradise for hikers and explorers. With special culinary highlights of the seasonal ...
7 nights from € 780,-
Golf for the connoisseur
05.05.19 – 23.05.19 | 08.09.19 – 26.09.19
Bring your game to perfection in front of the inspiring scenery of the Alps and under the gentle sun that shines on the south side of the Alps. Improve your handicap or ...
4 nights from € 640,-
Hiking days
08.09.19 – 26.09.19
Hike in South Tyrol’s most beautiful mountains while the valleys are dropping more and more out of sight and the blue sky shines bright. Past mystical forests, bizarre ...
4 nights from € 624,-
Riesling weeks
19.10.19 – 26.10.19 | 26.10.19 – 02.11.19
02.11.19 – 24.11.19
The Naturno Riesling is an award-winning and much-loved wine. This comes to no surprise: Our climate caters to the Riesling grapevines just as well as it caters to our ...
7 nights from € 975,-
Delicious autumn (7=6)
02.11.19 – 23.11.19
When autumn colours its canvas, the Merano region turns into a wildly romantic paradise for hikers and explorers. With special culinary highlights of the seasonal ...
7 nights from € 780,-
Romantic Cuddle days
Bookable all year round
Spend snug days with your loved ones and be pampered with everything you wish for. Enjoy wonderful moments with romantic surprises and relaxing time for two.  ...
for 2 guests € 149,-
Time for Two
Bookable all year round
Holidays are a time out from every-day life. Time for yourself and your partner. Time to spend together, to experience and laugh together. You shall just feel good at our ...
for 2 guests € 199,-
Romantic honeymoon
Bookable all year round
Enjoy a snug breakfast in your room and in the evening be pampered with South Tyrolean specialities and candlelight. Romantic hours for two in the Privat Spa Suite. Just ...