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315 sunny days. 1.000 possible experiences.
Your unique holiday in the Merano region.

Asking about the weather is most of the time the first thing your family and friends back home will do once you get back from a holiday. If you are on a holiday in the Merano region, you will know the answer already in advance: sunny! Because here, the sun shines on 315 days a year. Which is why Naturno and the Merano region count among the most sunny regions of South Tyrol. Due to the good weather and the warm temperatures, you can also find an unparalleled natural diversity where Mediterranean meets Alpine like nowhere else. Oil trees, pines, agaves and even palm trees are part of the local flora just as are spruces, firs and colourful fruit trees

Mountains with a height of more than 3,000 metres piercing the sky additionally complete the scenery of this distinctive region. Passo dello Stelvio, the Texelgruppe and the Parcines waterfall with a drop of almost 100 metres count among the best known natural wonders. The Merano region also plays a vital role in our culinary delights.

Living history.
Wondrous nature.

The former capital of Tyrol is located at a distance of twelve kilometres from Naturno: Merano. For centuries, this jewel with its narrow alleys, its serenity and the Italian flair and joy of life has known how to amaze its visitors. During your holiday in Naturno, you should definitely not miss strolling through this marvellous city, sipping Italian coffee specialities and going window-shopping along its many small boutiques. Bigger than Merano is only Bolzano: South Tyrol’s largest city is about 40 kilometres away from your DolceVita Hotel Feldhof in Naturno and is said to be the gate to the Dolomites. There, you will find many first-class restaurants, shops and events.

He has been the subject of many myths, some people even say that he is cursed: we are, of course, talking about Ötzi, the iceman. He was found not far from Naturno and today is at display at the Ötzi Museum in Bolzano. At the archeoParc you can immerse yourself in the environment of the Iceman, while at the Val Senales Glacier you will get pretty close to the place where he was found. Reinhold Messner’s Juval Castle is less mysterious but with free admission. If you have ever wanted to travel through time, you just have to pay the city of Glorenza a visit. The smallest town in the Alps still looks like it did in medieval times. With town gates, defensive walls and everything else that goes with it. Other day trip destinations include the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle, lake Resia with its church tower being almost submerged and lake Kaltern which is said to be the warmest lake in the Alps and where diving is possible.

Catching a glimpse of the South Tyrolean landscape suffices to guess that its inhabitants like to celebrate and enjoy life. Which is why there are a lot of musical and traditional events and the popular wine festivals that offer lots of culinary delights. Experience the event series Spring Cultural Festival, Summer Humour Festival and Autumn Gourmet Festival as well as the legendary Merano Music Weeks. The many farmers’ markets are a treat at any time of the year, while in autumn every man, woman and child in South Tyrol is drawn to the farms for “Törggelen”, a tradition where the rich harvest is celebrated by tasting young wine and enjoying rich food. Every year, extreme athletes compete in the Ötzi Alpin Marathon – if you want to participate, you will find the ideal training grounds around our hotel. More events and information can be found in the event calendar.

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When autumn colours its canvas, the Merano region turns into a wildly romantic paradise for hikers and explorers. With special culinary highlights of the seasonal ...
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05.05.19 – 23.05.19 | 08.09.19 – 26.09.19
Bring your game to perfection in front of the inspiring scenery of the Alps and under the gentle sun that shines on the south side of the Alps. Improve your handicap or ...
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Hike in South Tyrol’s most beautiful mountains while the valleys are dropping more and more out of sight and the blue sky shines bright. Past mystical forests, bizarre ...
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The Naturno Riesling is an award-winning and much-loved wine. This comes to no surprise: Our climate caters to the Riesling grapevines just as well as it caters to our ...
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Delicious autumn (7=6)
02.11.19 – 23.11.19
When autumn colours its canvas, the Merano region turns into a wildly romantic paradise for hikers and explorers. With special culinary highlights of the seasonal ...
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Spend snug days with your loved ones and be pampered with everything you wish for. Enjoy wonderful moments with romantic surprises and relaxing time for two.  ...
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Enjoy a snug breakfast in your room and in the evening be pampered with South Tyrolean specialities and candlelight. Romantic hours for two in the Privat Spa Suite. Just ...