Thanks to our new spa suite, you can now enjoy soothing beauty rituals and wellness treatments together with your sweetheart. In a stimulating atmosphere and a sensual ambience. Immerse yourself now and forget the world around you.

Your very own, private spa experience
€ 154,-
110 min.

Enjoy your very own, private spa experience in our new private spa suite. You can exclusively rent this luxurious spa area and find peace of mind, sensuous relaxation and well-being in a unique ambience.

- Finnish sauna
- Aroma steam bath
- Whirlpool tub for 2 persons
- Cosy water bed

Use of the private spa suite for 2 hours, drinks and a culinary surprise included.



€ 170,-
50 Min.

For 2 persons | Enjoy a relaxing time for two. A pampering treatment with sensual fragrances enjoyed as an aromatherapy oil massage for couples.

You can also book this treatment in combination with the Private-Spa-Suite.

Journey of the senses
€ 332,-
110 min.

For 2 persons | Enjoy our stimulating orange aroma peeling for a soft, silky skin and together immerse yourself in a delicately scented almond blossom bath. With its refined citrus olive oil, the ensuing wellness massage for you and your sweetheart will prepare you for the crowning finale of the pamper package with sparkling Veneziano and Southern flair.

Balinese royal ritual
€ 278,-
80 min.

For 2 persons | Experience this fascinating combination of massage, energetic treatment and the relaxing effect of heated massage stones – a deep, holistic experience that will cater to all senses equally. 

1 head and neck massage
1 relaxing massage with heated stones
1 energetic treatment for the back

Hawaiian Mahalo
€ 342,-
110 min.

For 2 persons | Treat yourself to a gentle vanilla peeling that will give you an unrivalled skin feeling. This is followed by a soothing bath with coconut scent. During the final Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui Massage you will hear the sound of the ocean waves.

Trilogy of the senses
€ 158,-
80 min.

For 2 persons | Simply let go and enjoy carefully concerted wellness experiences. At the beginning of the treatment, a mild aroma steam bath will await you. For the ensuing whirlpool bath, we only use essences of the highest quality. The subsequent back massage on the heated Hamam bench will caress you with relaxation and a feeling of well-being. A fresh vital drink will complete the experience.