Traditional massage

Hands. Time. Peace of mind. Nothing else. A traditional massage is as simple as it is effective. It will give you a marvellously relaxing feeling that will linger on long after the treatment – ideal before and after physical activity.

Partial massage
€ 46,-
25 min.

A traditional massage relaxes your body and mind while it releases blockages in the desired body parts and loosens muscles and tissue.

Full-body massage
€ 73,-
50 min.

A treat for the whole body: with a traditional full-body massage you will provide lasting relaxation to your body and blockages will be effectively released. Enjoy your new vigour and a refreshed body sensation.

Sports massage
€ 73,-
50 min.

After exercising your stressed muscle tissue needs special attention. Treat your muscles to this invigorating massage after your training and give your body the rest it needs. Our sports massage stimulates blood flow and prevents muscle ache.

Combi massage
€ 73,-
50 min.

This massage stimulating your feet activates the reflex zones of the body. This results in a relaxing feeling on the entire body that will culminate in a subsequent back massage.

Manual full-body lympathic massage
€ 73,-
50 min.

This rhythmic massage will get your body and also your mind going. It furthermore activates the entire disposal and fluid system of your body. Thereby, swellings and congestions are reduced effectively.

NEW | Indulgence massage
€ 75,-
50 Min.

A tailor-made massage adapted to your needs. Simply let go and enjoy.