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For thousands of years traditional healing massages from the Hindu books of faith have proven to be effective. Today, they are still surrounded by a spark of magic and a very special charm that you can feel during your holiday in South Tyrol.

Abhyanga full-body massage
€ 72,-
50 min.

This massage is said to be the queen of external oil treatments in Ayurveda. It makes the body soft and supple while your entire organism is stimulated and intensively supported in its detoxification processes. This full-body treatment unfolds a strengthening, harmonising and vitalising effect on the body, and improves its immune system.

Mukabhyanga head and face massage
€ 72,-
50 min.

Warm oils and stimulating fragrances induce deep relaxation during this Ayurvedic face and head massage while at the same time your skin is nourished and your organism is soothed. Tensions in the neck and head area are furthermore released through gentle strokes.