Special massage

Our exclusive range of effective wellness treatments spans from China to Japan, from Tibet to Hawaii, culminating in special massages from Europe. For this, selected mountain herbs, magical oils and precious minerals making you feel like being in the seventh heaven of relaxation are used.

Trigger point massage
€ 83,-
50 min.

Trigger points are radiating points, that are often part of the cause for intensive pain. The treatment points at finding these points and release tensions there. If it is successful an immediate reduction of pain is the effect.

Foot reflexology massage
€ 83,-
50 min.

Our feet are a reflection of our bodies. They are directly connected to all our organs via energy and nerve pathways. Massaging specific points on the foot relieves tension, supporting and supplying the body with new energy.

Herbal stamp massage
€ 90,-
50 min.

Feel the sensation of being weightless while your entire body is massaged with heated herbal stamps at your own rhythm. Muscular tensions will be perfectly released and pain will be eased. Precious St John’s wort – or valuable arnica oil and alpine herbs support the effect of the massage.

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian massage
€ 132,-
80 min.

Fancy a feat for all your senses? Enjoy this holistic massage with selected oils, and feel how tensions will suddenly disappear, how blockages will be released and how your entire organism will be balanced.

Hot stone massage
€ 78,-
50 min.

Enjoy this pure pampering experience with hot volcanic stones and high-quality oils. Feel how your body’s own energy sources are being activated while the heat emitted by the stones deeply penetrates into your body and releases an incredibly relaxing effect on the body.

Tibetan massage – energetic experience
€ 83,-
50 min.

Join us on a cultural journey to your inner strength. With a full-body massage that releases bodily blockages through the application of pressure and stroking techniques, and stimulates energy flow. Based on ancient holistic knowledge it provides for an effective balance of your energy balance and has a vitalising and strengthening effect on the whole body.