Healthy back

No movement can be done without also using our back. Which is why it is important that we pay special attention to it. With our special treatments, your back will renew its strength and your spine will enjoy some precious time off.

Intensive back massage by Johannes Salchenegger®
€ 83,-
50 min.

The muscles of the back, neck and shoulders are warmed up with the palms and forearms. This serves as preparation for the ensuing, soothing glass cupping massage. Enjoy deep relaxation and regeneration through extensive contact with the forearms.

dorsalis vitalis massage
€ 80,-
50 min.

This treatment is said to be a “programme straightening the back” and guarantees well-being and relaxation for your stressed out back. Above all, it helps to maintain a natural, healthy posture and to relieve muscle tensions.

Upanaha Sweda – back massage
€ 83,-
50 min.

Treat your back to some new strength with this highly effective and strengthening massage that is based on an ancient Indian tradition and stimulates blood flow, releases muscular tensions and has a holistically vitalising effect. By means of targeted pressure techniques and heat, blockages are released and the energy flow is improved – an effective support for your back coming straight to the point.

Breuss massage
€ 52,-
25 min.

A Breuss massage is an energetic back massage that releases tensions of the body and soul, and induces the regeneration of undernourished intervertebral discs.