Special massages

Herbal Stamp Massage

The body is massaged in a special rhythm with warm herbal stamps. It releases muscle tensions and assuages pain. St John's Wort or arnica oil and alpine herbs intesify the effects of the massage.

76,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Lomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Massage

During this magical treatment delicate oils are massaged into the skin, releasing tension and blockages throughout your body. A true celebration for your senses.

102,00 € (Duration: 80 min.)

Hot stone massage

A pure pampering experience with hot volcanic stones and high-quality oils. Authoritative sources of energy are activated. The warmth of the stones penetrates deep into the body, having a relaxing effect on it.

67,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Tibetan Massage - Powerful experience

During this massage you will feel how the stress and unrest leave your body. The subsequent energy point massage releases any tension, allowing your life energy to roam free again.

71,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)


Shiatsu is primarily used to harmonise your energy flow. Pressure applied by thumbs and hands along your meridians helps to mobilise your chi energy and mobilises your self healing powers. In addition, shiatsu can help to improve your efficiency and concentration. This massage is carried out while wearing light, fine cotton clothes.

83,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)
DolceVita Hotel Feldhof****S - Family Perathoner
Via Municipio 4 - 39025 Naturno near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

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