Classic massages

Partial massage

This classic massage has a relaxing and blocking effect at the desired body part.

41,00 € (Duration: 25 min.)

Full Body Massage

This classic massage relaxes the whole body permanently and triggers blockages.

66,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Sports Massage

This powerful massage restores strongly stimulated muscles after training, stimulates the blood circulation and prevents muscle soreness.

66,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)


The foot-stimulating massage activates the reflex zones of the body. Then follows a back massage.

66,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Manual lymphatic drainage of the body

Get in touch! A rhythmic massage technique that activates your body's disposal and fluid system. Swelling and congestion are reduced.

66,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)
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Via Municipio 4 - 39025 Naturno near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

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