The best way to discover the Merano region:
by nordic walking & hiking in South Tyrol.

Here in Naturno, hikers have it especially good: you don’t only walk on the sunny side of life but also on the sunny side of the Alps. 315 sunny days per year create ideal conditions to outgrow yourself between alpine beauty and Mediterranean flair. It’s up to whether you’ll conquer a three-thousander or wander along dreamy trails alongside irrigation channels. Nordic walking and hiking in South Tyrol have as many facets as the Alps themselves. What’s best: there are more than 200 signposted pleasant hiking trails and winding trails that all lead to the most sought after destination: happiness.

Past refreshing mountain streams, in the company of cheerful cowbells ringing and the smell of colourful alpine meadows. Our tip: Combine hiking in South Tyrol with tasting South Tyrolean specialities. There’s no better place for this than at one of the many alpine huts in front of the scenic mountainscape of the Merano region. And by the way: if you want to start hiking at the top of the mountain, you can use one of the many mountain railways to reach your pole position for alpine exploration.

Step by step
to hiking joy.

Did you know that the Feldhof is close to the Merano High Mountain Trail? Situated at around 1,400 metres above sea level, the once most important connection between the isolated farms and valleys in the Texelgruppe Nature Park counts among the most beautiful long-distance trails leading through South Tyrol today. Naturno’s Monte Sole and the Monte Tramontana mountains are home to inviting hiking routes for nature lovers, mountaineers and casual hikers. In the mood for hiking in South Tyrol? Be inspired by the tours you can find in our online tour planner. Or let yourself be surprised and put your trust into the knowledge about the surrounding area of our qualified hiking guide: twice a week, he will take you on an exciting hike.

It’s not only our Feldhof hiking hotel that is in a prime location for hiking in the Merano region in South Tyrol. As our guest, you enjoy many benefits: we will send you on exciting hikes. Twice a week with our qualified hiking guide. Join us on hikes to the mountain’s summits in the summer months, accompany us on cultural hikes or on impressive wine hikes – and experience the charm of mountain huts with the picnics on our own alpine pasture. Hiking poles, touring backpacks, water bottles and rain protection can be simply rented for free from us. To all those who would like to explore the holiday region Merano, we recommend buying the bus ticket “Meraner Land Mobil” for seven days which you can obtain already against payment of a small surcharge.

Besides the exciting guided themed hikes such as the hike with wildlife watching in the Val di Fosse valley and high-quality rental equipment, you can find a well-equipped hiking infotheque at our reception. Browse our hiking folder with 90 exciting tours and detailed descriptions to find new challenges. As a hiking hotel in Naturno, we offer you even more services such as our Naturno panoramic hiking maps in every room and hiking maps that can be borrowed at the reception. Simply ask us: we know the most beautiful hikes for every season and are happy to share precious insider tips with you.

Not one or two but three cable cars in close proximity guarantee a soft and gentle ascent. They will carry right into the heart of the high alpine word of the South Tyrolean Alps and directly to the starting points of some of the most beautiful hikes around your Feldhof hiking hotel in Naturno. There’s the Unterstell cable car directly in Naturno, the Texelbahn in Parcines and the Aschbach cable car that connects Rablà with San Vigilio. Then there’s the Val Senales Glacier Cable Car that will conveniently take you to South Tyrol’s highest mountain station at more than 3,200 metres above sea level. It is actually pretty close to where the famous Iceman Ötzi was found. The San Martino in Monte, Ivigna, Alta Muta, Punta Cervina and San Vigilio cable cars are other ascensions that will connect you directly to the wonderful hiking world of South Tyrol.

Centuries ago, farmers created channels, so-called “Waale”, in order to ensure the irrigation of their fields. These irrigation channels still exist today. Alongside, you will find picturesque hiking and walking trails that are especially abundant around Naturno. The reason: Naturno is considered to count among the extremely low-precipitation regions, which is why the farmers were especially dependent on water channels. Hiking along the irrigation channels distinguishes itself in particular because of the gentle slope. Which is why hiking along the irrigation channels is ideal for families with children and anyone seeking a relaxing walk. We recommend Tscharser Waalweg, Stabener Waalweg or Latschanderwaalweg.

With an area spanning across more than 33,430 hectares, the Texelgruppe is the largest nature park in South Tyrol. Besides its size, its biodiversity is in particular breathtaking. As regards its geology, the Texelgruppe Nature Park is also phenomenal. What used to be covered by mighty glaciers is now an area with plenty of water in the heart of which you will find 20 lakes. The marvellous Parcines waterfall is in particular worth the hike. With the melting of snow in spring, this waterfall becomes one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Alpine region, when the Zielbach torrent gushes over the rock face for several meters before the water masses cascade down 97 metres. With its height of almost 3,000 metres, the Passo Gelato is the highest elevation in the park.

Have you ever tried Nordic walking? It’s quite simple – and at the same time has enormously positive effects. When hiking with poles, you will strengthen all muscle groups, train stamina and agility and will burn loads of calories – all without straining your joints or spine. In Naturno you will find 65 kilometres of Nordic walking tours which will lead you past natural wonders and picturesque villages. The largest Nature Fitness Park of the Alps in Naturno furthermore offers you a 10.2 kilometre jogging track, a 15.7 kilometre blading track and an Alpine Well Fit Course with four stations. Itineraries with altitude profile and maps are of course available at the Feldhof. Just like rental poles, bumbags and drinking bottles. Against payment of a small surcharge, we will supply you with energy bars and hydrolytic drinks.

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