Via Ferrata Hoachwool

The new, recently opened "Hoachwool" climbing wall, togheter with the Juval Climbing Garden, really is a uniquely challenging attraction for climbing fans.

With its contrasting topological features, zigzags, various walls and views of the old"Kandln", an irrigation channel dating back to 1833 which still carries water to the Naturno meadows and orchards, this particular wall ist both highly exacting and thrillingly exciting. Climbers who attempt the Hoachwool must be experienced, fit and in really tip-top condition!

The route is well-laid out with special attention give to safety. It features an easy-to-grip steel rope, secure footholds on the smooth rock faces and two ladders. The climbing wall should only be used in good weather conditions and climbers are reminder to take care, keeping a look out for loose stones and rocks to avoid injuring climbers following behind them.

Necessary equipment:

  • Climbing helmet, belt with climbing set
  • Suitable shoes
  • Suitable gloves
  • Adequate food and drink

More informations you can find HERE!

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