Treatments for Two

Private Spa

Love is ... an exotic fragrance experience in the steam sauna, fine essential essences for a sensual jacuzzi bath, a heavenly bed with candlelight for dreaming and a culinary "Tischleindeckdich" with 2 glasses Prosecco.

125,00 € (2 persons, duration: 110 min. - without treatment)

Sense of travel for two

The invigorating aroma-orange peeling gives you a supple, velvety-soft skin. Together, you dive into a fragrant almond blossom bath. Finally, enjoy a soothing massage with refined citrus olive oil. With sparkling Veneziano you can enjoy the effect of this pampering package with a southern flair.

218,00 € (2 persons, duration: 110 min.)

Balinese Royal Ritual

Experience the fascinating combination of massage, energy treatment and the relaxing effect of the warm massage stones - a deep, holistic experience that equally appeals to all the senses.

  • 1 flower foot bath with
  • 1 head and neck massage
  • 1 relaxin massage with warm basalt stones
  • 1 energy treatment for your back

198,00 € (2 person, duration: 80 min.)

Serail Bath

A serail bath is a sauna variation with a high level of humidity. After a warming up phase the healing mud is applied to the body and then left to dry. To soften this healing mud you take a steam bath and then rinse the mud off with warm water. The healing mud opens up your pores and cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky.

75,00 € (2 person, duration: 50 min.)

Hamam for two - freedom and purity for the senses!

First visitors to the Turkish bath enter a steam room with a temperature of approx. 40°C. Afterwards you receive a peeling massage on a heated marble table, which simulated blood flow to your skin and removes dry skin. The subsequent soap foam massage releases muscle tension and ensures a feeling of well-being.

124,00 € (2 people, Duration: 80 min.)

Trilogy of the senses

Let yourself fall and experience carefully coordinated wellbeing experiences. A mild aromatherapy bath awaits you at the beginning of the treatment. For the subsequent whirlpool bath, you will find high-quality essences. The following gentle peeling massage on the warm hammam lily gives you an unforgettable skin feeling. A fresh vitality drink completes the experience.

124,00 € (2 people, duration: 80 min.)
DolceVita Hotel Feldhof****S - Family Perathoner
Via Municipio 4 - 39025 Naturno near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

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