Consultation with a qualified physiotherapist, a physiotherapeutic body examination followed by a physiotherapy treatment.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Physiotherapy with kinesiotape

The kinesiotape is a special patch: highly elastic, breathable and skin-friendly. It has analgesic effects and stimulates metabolism. Through the tape, the skin is gently massaged with every movement.

94,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Trigger Point-Massage

Treatment with myofascial connective tissue technology and friction. Triggerpoints trigger pain and vegetative disturbances. Local, painful muscle fiber bundles (myogeloses) are treated.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral therapy is a gentle and effective treatment that stimulates the natural healing mechanisms of the body. It can alleviate physical pain, acute and chronic diseases, emotional and mental disorders.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Back check

  • 1 individual findings and counseling session (pelvic obliquity and leg length reductions)
  • 1 retraining with or without devices

125,00 € (Duration: 80 min.)

Visceral osteopathy

The visceral osteopathy deals with the treatment of internal organs. Movement restrictions, lack of flexibility and adhesions of the affected organ are released, and jammed tissue is drained.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

NEW: Basin body training

The treatment is understood to be a holistic package of measures for prevention and therapy, as well as to improve the subsequent problem of a weak pelvic floor, such as back pain, spinal column instability, reduction problems, post-natal training and surgeries.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

NEW: Blackroll Training

The Blackroll allows a functional training of strength and coordination. Through the training, muscle tension is pre-bent and the connective tissue is tightened.

84,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)
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