Healthy back

Straightening the spine

In a gentle, targeted way, blockages will solve due to stretches of muscles and mobilization of the joints, for an erected and liberated body feeling! It is carried out in light cotton clothes.

71,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Intensive back massage according to Johannes Salchenegger®

The back, neck and shoulder muscles are heated with the palms of the hands and the forearms and prepared for the subsequent cupping gum massage. The result of the large-area contact with the lower arms is a deep relaxation and regeneration.

71,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

dorsalis vitalis massage

A sophisticated back program
This special treatment provides a stressed back with well-being and relaxation. It helps you to keep the composure and to alleviate muscle tension.

69,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)

Upanaha Sweda - Back Massage

Indian power for your back!
A strengthening massage with a long tradition, which stimulates the blood circulation, triggers muscular tension and has a revitalizing effect. Through targeted printing techniques and heat, blockages are opened and the energy flow is stimulated. Support for your back to the point!

71,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)


The Breuss massage is an energetic back massage, which solves mental and physical tension and initiates the regeneration of under-supplied intervertebral discs.

44,00 € (Duration: 25 min.)

Spine massage according to Dorn & Breuss

The Dorn-method corrects misalignment of the vertebrae in a gentle way.

71,00 € (Duration: 50 min.)
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