Nordic walking in South Tyrol

Quick to learn and easy to carry out. Gentle on your body and good for your fitness. Nordic walking is the perfect type of exercise.

This gentle endurance sport...

  • strengthens all muscles
  • trains stamina and dexterity
  • burns a lot of calories
  • does not burden your spine or joints
  • releases tension in your neck and shoulders
  • helps you to relax and relieve stress
  • ranges from gentle exercise to intensive training

Naturns goes Nordic

10 Nordic walking tours with a total of 65 km and 3 difficulty levels await in the largest Nature.Fitness.Park® in the Alps. Plus: 1 jogging route of 10.2 km, 1 rollerblading trail of 15.7 km, 1 Alpine-Well-Fit course with 4 stations.

Top Training Conditions!

Do some training with high altitude walking in the Texel Group Nature Park – of course under the professional supervision of our Nordic walking specialist.

That is not everything: enjoy all of the Nordic walking services at Feldhof!

DolceVita Hotel Feldhof****S - Family Perathoner
Via Municipio 4 - 39025 Naturno near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

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