Quality Guarantee

The proven quality of BikeHotels South Tyrol

The proprietors of the BikeHotels South Tyrol are enthusiastic cyclists themselves and often professionally trained bike guides as well. These are hosts who know what you need and understand what is important on a biking holiday.

BikeHotels South Tyrol will show you the best flow trails, the most beautiful passes, and the most relaxing and enjoyable rides South Tyrol has to offer - on 315 sunny days a year. You'll be privy to insider tips, most of which cannot be found on maps.

In order to ensure across-the-board quality in all of the member establishments, all proprietors of BikeHotels South Tyrol are required to provide quality services according to agreed-upon criteria. Independet experts periodically check that these prerequisites are being fulfilled.

Performance Quality at a Glance

  • Location
    Your Bike Hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of a network of bike routes.
  • Facilities
    Your hotels features fulfill all of a biker's needs - from a bike-wash area to laundry-drying facilities to a perfectly equipped service area.
  • Security
    There is a self-contained bike storage area available to you. The bike storage areas are usually under video surveillance and accessible only to cyclists. In some hotels, you can even store your bike in your room.
  • Information Corner
    In the information area for bikers, you'll find up-to-date magazines about biking and the region, so that you can plan the next day's ride at your leisure.
  • Bike Shop
    Your host works closely with a bike shop in the immediate area. This guarantees comprehensive repair services within 24 hours, and allows you to locate the bike equipment you need.
  • Meals
    You'll find at least 10 products of regional origin at the breakfast buffet. In the afternoon, light meals, specifically adapted for bikers, are on offer.
  • Laundry
    Your host offers laundry service to wash your biking clothes.
  • Equipment Rentals
    High-quality rental bikes are at your disposal and can be arranged, upon request, for the following day. You can borrow GPS devices, helmets, and water bottles - and our Mountain Biker - Freeride specialists even offer protective equipment.

Supervision & Guiding

  • Competent Hosts & Biking Schools
    Bike tours are led by a qualified bike guide or an associated cycling school. Most of the hosts are themselves qualified bike guides and lead bike tours personally up to twice a week. Bike tours start either directly at the hotel or in the immediate vicinity.
  • Tour Information
    There are weekly information evenings and detailed written descriptions of the guided tours.
  • Route Maps & GPS
    A wide selection of touring maps designed for professionals, including the associated GPS data, is at your disposal. Your host supports GPS uploads. In many hotels, you can even upload directly from a computer made available for this purposte or from the hotel webiste.
  • Food Tour
    Your host provides energy and sports bars for the tours and a packed lunch upon request.
  • Return Transport Service
    Your host offers a return transport service.
  • Shuttle Service
    Our Mountain Biker - Freerider specialists make a shuttle service available to you.

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Via Municipio 4 - 39025 Naturno near Merano - South Tyrol - Italy

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